WordPress is a reliable and high quality service provider. Websites can be improved and built as you wish.

You can get more information by going to www.wordpress.org homepage.

  • Blog page structure building - from 100€.
  • The structure of the company's representative page building - from 150€.
  • The structure of the online store building - from 200€.
The final price depends on the customer's desire for a final solution. For example, if the customer wants to get an online store where all the settings and configurations have been done, but will continue to do so himself (adding products, etc.), then the price is 200€. If a complete solution is desired, 15€/hour will be added to 200€ until it is ready.

  • Monthly updating of the website, making a backup and monitoring the well-being / operation - from 30€/month.
  • Website improvement - 15€/hour.
  • Making and exchange of advertising images - 15€/hour.
  • Other work related to internal administration (SSL, security, etc.) - 15€/hour.
NB! 15€/hour is the minimum charge we charge, even if the work takes 5 minutes.

  • Production of the website logo (assuming the website does not have a logo) - from 50€.
  • Changes to the logo - 15€/once.
NB! The first three changes (such as color, font, or resizing) are free. From the fourth time 15€/once will be added to the final amount. The final amount of the logo depends on the complexity of the logo.

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