Our accountants are professional, with long experience and extensive knowledge

A flexible approach to each company, taking into account the specifics of the company

Personal communication by e-mail or telephone

Possibility to use accounting software as a main user


The prices of accounting services depend on the nature of the services provided.

Accounting services are characterized by the following parameters: accounting records

number and organization of the movement of documents, the activity of the company and the number of employees, to be submitted

volume and frequency of non-statutory reports. These indicators change

price of the service.

A customer with a stable business volume has the opportunity to agree on a fixed monthly fee. In the event of a significant increase or decrease in the workload, the service fee can be changed by agreement.

Another possibility is to determine the volume of service work based on the accounting entries

number of rows. This option is suitable for companies with a variable size of activity (seasonal,

start-ups, etc.).

Current (monthly) accounting:

Workload in rows: Monthly fee: Entry price:

0 kuni 100                                                                     € 150        € 1,50

101-200                                                                        € 280         € 1,40

201-300                                                                        € 375         € 1,25

301-400                                                                        € 460         € 1,15

üle 400 kande puhul kannete arv * 1.00€

  • Minimaalne kuutasu teenustöö eest  –  100€.

Arrangement of previous accounting periods:

  • 1-2 kuud  –  100% kuutasu x kuude arv
  • 3-6 kuud  –  75% kuutasu x kuude arv
  • 7 ja enam  –  50% kuutasu x kuude arv

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Staff and payroll
  • Palgaarvestuse sisseseadmine  –  50€/kord
  • Arvestus igakuine  –  10€/inimene
  • Lepingute ja muude dokumentide koostamine  –  alates 35€/tund

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Preparation and submission of declarations to the Tax and Customs Board

Declarations are prepared and submitted by the monthly deadline by sending the Tax Board balance and payment information to the customer by e-mail.

Preparation of accounting reports
  • Preparation of the annual accounting report - from 100€.
  • Vahebilanss ja kasumiaruanne  –  alates 100€.
  • Äriplaani või selle finantsosa koostamine  –  alates 240€.

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Preparation of interim reports
  • for banks
  • for credit companies
  • for other finance companies
Additional services
  • Müügiarvete koostamine  –  2€/tk
  • Ostuarvete tasumine  –  2€/tk
  • Muu töö  –  dokumentide korrastamine, koostamine ning väljasõidud teenuse tellija poolt  –  50€/tund.

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